Established in 1996, Chattam & Wells was the first Californian Born luxury mattress; a legacy that continues today.

Each Chattam & Wells luxury mattress is made in the USA by people who believe their job is to create a mattress that provides the foundation for a healthy life.

Chattam & Wells is a sleep product that has been developed by artisans. The Chattam & Wells mattress has been designed to provide a comfortable, restful night’s sleep in an ultra luxurious, healthful manner. With the development of Chattam & Wells, we continue the tradition of fine craftsmanship that had been in the family for generations. The meticulous craftsmanship characterizes a Chattam & Wells mattress – eight way hand tying, hand tailoring, the highest quality fabrics and materials – are all part of a tradition of quality handed down from our family to yours. 

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